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Our Hometown

"The premise of NHPBS's award-winning Our Hometown series is that each New Hampshire town and city has a unique story to tell, and the people who live there are ideal storytellers for their hometowns." 



NHPBS recently announced that their award-winning Our Hometown series is coming to Plymouth, NH! You are invited to be a part of this unique opportunity to share and preserve your Plymouth stories with a wider audience.


Hosted by storyteller and author Rebecca Rule, this series allows residents to share stories that explore their town's unique culture, history, and people. A dozen towns have already been featured, including our neighboring town of Ashland. Please take a moment to watch Ashland's episode to get a feel for the magic of Our Hometown. NHPBS wants as many people as possible to tell a story about Plymouth. 


 If you have a story to share, we encourage you to get involved with this community-building project!

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How to Get Involved

Here’s how to share your interest:

  • Send an email to to express your interest in participating with a brief description of the type of story you plan to share, along with the best way to contact you.

  • Please submit your interest before November 30, 2023, as NHPBS needs to have the list of interested storytellers by December.

  • NHPBS will arrange a meeting with all interested storytellers to discuss the segment and finalize the filming schedule.

  • The final filming dates will be forthcoming to align with the host, Rebecca Rule's travel schedule, but filming is expected to happen in late winter or early spring.

Additional details about how the series will be filmed:

  • Each storyteller will have about 25 minutes to share their story.

  • The story will be edited down to about 3-4 minutes for the final broadcast.

While there's no limit to the number of storytellers, please note that NHPBS has a 30-minute segment reserved for the final broadcast. However, every storyteller's tale will also be featured in the in-person premiere and on the NHPBS website. For more information about this series, please visit

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