Remedial Herstory: The Other 50%

Remedial Herstory: the Other 50% a New Local Podcast

Remedial Herstory: the Other 50% is a new podcast hosted by some Plymouth area locals. The podcast explores, “what happened to the women in history class and puts them in.” The hosts explore reasons for women’s exclusion from typical history curriculum and provide strategies, lessons, and primary source material teachers and laypeople can explore.

Kelsie Brook Eckert, the host, is a graduate of Plymouth State’s Graduate Program, a board member for NHCSS, and the 2020 Gilder Lehrman NH Teacher of the Year, among other awards. Her years in the secondary history classroom and research in women’s history inspired the podcast. Her friend, Brooke Neeva Sullivan, is also a graduate of Plymouth State trained in education, now a local businesswoman, and board member for a number of local non-profits. Both are new moms of young boys. Kelsie and Brooke met each other through a Plymouth based book club that inspired their passion for women’s historical topics.

            Episode 1 of Remedial Herstory explains the podcast's aims and how they hope to support teachers in teaching women’s history. Episode 2 examines the definition of history and how it excludes women. Episode 3 examines the concept of heroification and how that excludes women; and so on and so forth. Each episode introduces women as examples of our teaching’s failures and tells the audience about these women history left out.

            The style of the podcast is relatively informal with Kelsie serving as a teacher and Brooke crucially asking all the questions those in the audience might have. Her wit and humor keeps the conversation light and makes sometimes tough subjects easier to digest. In Episode 2, for example, as Kelsie describes a heated letter exchange between two figures of the American Revolution, Brooke jokes about the hilarity of heated quill writing. As the women are based in NH, local topics emerge easily.

            The podcast comes out every Monday in time for your commute. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts. You can also find lesson plans, films, a blog, and resources, online at, or follow them on social media. Instagram is @remedialherstory and Twitter is @remedHerstory.

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